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The Heavy Rain Soundtrack is awesome!

I suspect many people who came into contact with Mr Tiers dismissed him as a hopeless alcoholic who was largely to blame for his unfortunate circumstances. Such a superficial assessment of the complex contributory causes of the social dislocation of Indigenous people such as Mr Tiers is largely worthless.

Inquest into the death of Matthew Maurice TIERS
Michael Barnes
State Coroner
29 September 2011

The degree of NSFW-ness in the link below is summarized effectively by this contemporaneous chatlog.

Don't hit the link to this at work. You will have a hard time explaining that shit away.

Transcript from Steam:
Freshie: check it
Faustus: lol wat
Freshie: pretty much
Faustus: pretty fuckin cool
Faustus: gonna have to get more of this dude's music
Faustus: WOAH
Faustus: WOAH
Faustus: WOAH
Faustus: WHAT
Freshie: ahaha
Freshie: i wondered when youd get to that part
Faustus: MAN
Faustus: I was like WUUUUUUT
Think Trucker's Delight, but with giant ... pants ... demon... things. I don't want to even try describing it in writing.

[edit] As it turns out, the clip was actually done by the same guy who did the Trucker's Delight clip, Jérémie Perin.

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O.O Pontypool looks awesome!


Meh it was alright. Innovative enough to be worth trying if you have an appetite for this kind of thing. Falls apart a bit at the end.

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Oh and the Avengers trailer is out, too.

Seriously, why can't we have more video clips like this?

[edit] And while I'm at it:

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