Monday, May 3, 2010

Now this, I enjoyed.

There is a website out there that is quite unlike any other. In as much as I may wish to refer you directly to it, the rules strictly prohibit it.

Mysterious? I know, right? To be honest though, I think those rules are more likely to have been drafted for your protection, rather than our own. At this site, there's a good chance you will see things that would make an old sailor blush. Needless to say, I think it would be better that I shepherd you clear of that dark and sinister realm.

Getting on with it though, this afternoon I came across a thread I found to be fairly interesting. The requirements are clear enough, and one can get an idea of what it is about, by looking at the responses that follow.

The significance of it as far as I'm concerned, is seeing how, within the scope of a certain demographic, people express retrospective regret. By that I mean, how people articulate their "I should'a/would'a/could'a" type thoughts. I could draw further upon all of that business, and the assumptions that could be premised upon the these posts, but that is something I'll leave up to you.

[EDIT] Just to make it perfectly clear, I am not the author of any of the content below, and the opinions expressed are not necessarily consistent with my own. Anyway, I removed the majority of inflammatory posts from the original material, just to be safe.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)21:58:25 No.223334XXX

Jenn W.
Sorry I'm too much pussy to tell you I love you so much.

Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)21:59:23 No.223334XXX

Sarah: The Game


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)21:59:38 No.223334XXX

Tina, I'm sorry


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:01:22 No.223335XXX

mimi: I love you, and you were so great to me. I will never forget you, even though we can't see each other often anymore. You turned me into a great person.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:01:40 No.223335XXX

shelby, sorry im not christian enough for you...bitch


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:01:50 No.223335XXX

Sarah your stupid for waiting for your the guy that dumped you. take me.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:02:37 No.223335XXX

Mary Jane:

I could never quit you. No woman alive compares to you. You're like water for my soul when it gets thirsty, and you understand that Matisyahu reference I just made. You make me laugh, but you always end up depressing me. When I drink with you, I get the spins every single time. I'll always love you, and because of you, I could never love a single human being again. Thank you and fuck you.


D. Davidson


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:02:59 No.223335XXX

Natasha, I love you :3


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:03:13 No.223335XXX

Pat, I love that sarcastic smirk of yours.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:03:26 No.223335XXX

ashley, i wish you died that day.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:03:50 No.223335XXX

If I only knew what to have done and by what means then we could have been. I love you so much, more then you can imagine.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:04:01 No.223335XXX

Emily, Your reason for breaking up was bullshit and while you troll [this site] more, i think everyone will agree with me that breaking up over career paths is bullshit excuse.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:04:18 No.223336XXX

Adi, I lost my temper and I never meant to say that. I never meant to treat you so poorly either. Please, come back, i didn't know what i had


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:04:40 No.223336XXX

I love you, Madison. I wish you loved me.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:05:32 No.223336XXX

Rachel, I love you sweetie


­ 05/02/10(Sun)22:06:01 No.223336XXX

David Davidson, I know you were really shy, but I always wanted to be your waifu. :3


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:06:09 No.223336XXX

Melissa, I dated her for a while broke up, 5 years, 3 gfs later I still want her, even my guitar is named after her


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:06:18 No.223336XXX

gah, startin to let my guard down


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:06:52 No.223336XXX

I'm sorry.

But that's what I'm going to tell her soon!


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:06:53 No.223336XXX

i love u aliza but shut the fuck up u bitch!


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:07:17 No.223336XXX

(you know I like you, but you have no idea how much)


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:07:59 No.223337XXX

I should have kissed you, sorry i am a pussy


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:08:51 No.223337XXX

Colonel sanders
I can't live a day without your chicken.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:09:03 No.223337XXX

I wish you the best.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:09:04 No.223337XXX

Rachel, I really don't want to love you anymore. It's stopping me from actually doing things.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:09:45 No.223337XXX

Why did you decide to be gay?
After she turned you down, I was next in line.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:10:24 No.223337XXX

Taylor J.
I miss those nights when we just sat in the car for 2 hours, holding hands and listening to music. I still owe you that kiss, but you wanted to stay friends; I didn't.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:10:33 No.223338XXX

Erin, we both know it would have been stupid but you know we were right for each other. I didn't even have the guts to tell you and then I watched him steal you away from me. And now I'm gone. Goodbye. I'll never forget you.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:11:34 No.223338XXX

Alex, I still would spend my life with you if I was given that chance.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:12:26 No.223338XXX

Evan, you're a disgusting person now. Its sad to see how much you have changed in such a short period of time..i miss the man you used to me..the man i loved.

You will forever hold a huge part of my heart.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:12:41 No.223338XXX

Greg; Tom is the scum of the earth and deserves to have his junk cut off, but if you want to side with him, even after he's guilty, go right ahead, asshole. I thought I loved you. Now I know better.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:12:44 No.223338XXX

Monique, I will always wonder what would've happened if we were a couple


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:13:25 No.223338XXX

Danica, you are emotionally deaf.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:14:03 No.223339XXX


I'm sorry I couldn't be the woman you thought I was. I'm sorry I never lived up to the potential you saw in me.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:14:20 No.223339XXX

Jessica, I lied when I said I wouldn't miss you.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:15:56 No.223339XXX

Alex, I hope in the years to come we can still be together even if we head off to different colleges.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:16:22 No.223339XXX

Karla, how the fuck can i still like this, i cant stand you but i love you


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:16:29 No.223339XXX

Shaughnessy You got to be pretty, finally. I always could pick a winning horse.


Tailfnz the Sage 05/02/10(Sun)22:16:55 No.223340XXX


Why did you leave me alone? You just had to ignore me, and pay all of the attention in the world to that douchebag hitting on you who you know already has a girlfriend. He's taking advantage of you, and you still don't listen to me. Do yourself a favor, ignore the asshole, and give me a chance for a change.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:16:56 No.223340XXX


I never could forget you, and I'm too tired to try anymore.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:17:02 No.223340XXX

Hey Chris, I swear I'll make you happy some day! Wait for me.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:17:46 No.223340XXX

Sarah, you fucking bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you, why can't you just be somewhat interested, not a prude bitch only interested in boring pricks.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:17:56 No.223340XXX




!6DtTYV.B0A 05/02/10(Sun)22:18:00 No.223340XXX

Eric, grow some balls


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:18:04 No.223340XXX

Biggie, I love it when they call you Big Poppa too.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:18:25 No.223340XXX

Kim; I'd give up the chance at a 250,000K+ just to be with you. Stay with me, please.


Anonymous 05/02/10(Sun)22:18:31 No.223340XXX

Timm: fuck you.

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