Monday, November 15, 2010

"thanx so much for uhelp ican going to graduate to now"

"I, who have no name, no opinions, and no style, have written so many papers at this
point, including legal briefs, military-strategy assessments, poems, lab reports, and,
yes, even papers on academic integrity, that it's hard to determine which course of
study is most infested with cheating. But I'd say education is the worst. I've written
papers for students in elementary-education programs, special-education majors,
and ESL-training courses. I've written lesson plans for aspiring high-school
teachers, and I've synthesized reports from notes that customers have taken during
classroom observations. I've written essays for those studying to become school
administrators, and I've completed theses for those on course to become principals.
In the enormous conspiracy that is student cheating, the frontline intelligence
community is infiltrated by double agents.

Future educators of America, I know who you are."

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