Thursday, June 9, 2011

An open letter to Terry.

G’day Terry,

Glad to finally say hi to you after having followed your blog for what seems like quite a fair while now. I wish that this day came to pass under happier circumstances. 

I’ve redrafted this thing more times than I care to admit. It now feels more like a matter of just saying what bloody-well needs to be said.

First, I’ll happily admit that generally I’d have no business commenting in others’ affairs, particularly in view of the sensitivity of the topic at hand. 

However, in reply to that general policy I would submit that this is countered by the fact that your very frank and commendably candid disclosure was made in a public forum. In that regard, it could be seen as entirely necessary for someone who might be able to help, to do so in the same manner, so that others might also benefit.

Forgive me if I forgo any entry into religiously inspired rhetoric, because in the affairs of man, it could be no less welcome.

Mate. I feel for you. Depression is nothing if not cruel.  

There are limits to how sincere a stranger’s words can sound, but at least know this: to the extent that your life has affected mine, my knowledge of the insurmountable feats people are capable of has been enriched by your story. You've made it through harder days. You can make it through this too, and you'll come out better for it.


Also, sorry if that sounded too pompous. I can’t bloody help it. It always happens when I mean to be serious.


  1. Thanks Jim.

    Much appreciated.

    I wasn't going to write about it but decided that this is what my website is really about.

    You concern and kind words are just fantastic and believe it or not, very helpful.


    PS. Your post doesn't sound pompous at all. If anything, it sounds sincere.

  2. I agree. Doesn't sound pompous at all, but someone struggling to find the right words -- and in that struggle the sincerity can be seen. :-)