Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An escalation.

Articles/ Papers/ Studies

The Best in the Online World - 50 Best Websites 2008 - TIME
Saving Ourselves: Psychoanalytic Investigation of Resident Evil and Silent Hill
Director Ridley Scott: 'Internet Killing Cinema'
Barefoot running: How humans ran comfortably and safely before the invention of shoes
The 'lost war' -- the war on drugs -- is undermining America
Citizens for Legitimate Government - about that nuke conspiracy theory
Psychology Today: The Stripper's Secret
The ‘Good Germans’ Among Us - New York Times
What we learn from the dying - Behavior
Study: FPS deaths provide sweet relief to victims
Study Shows Gamers Enjoy Hurting Themselves
Writing 'eases stress of cancer'
Clever girls have bad sex
We can stop the cancer epidemic - International Herald Tribune
The Man Who Stuck His Head Inside a Particle Accelerator
'Digital dark age' may doom some data
Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple?
Internet sex makes you sad, anxious?
Scientists could soon watch it on a screen
Army Tries Holograms, Quantum Computing
We are becoming a new species, we are becoming Homo Evolutis
Rental Goats Clear Brush Better, Beat Cosmonauts in Space Race
Mad Science: The Man Who Could Turn Anyone into a Torturer in Minutes
I Didn't Vote For Obama Today
Strange Portal Connects Earth to Sun
Publications - M+B
Romance With Disabled Girls: How An Unusual Game Came To Be
Sexy Videogameland
Magical Wasteland
Conference Board of Canada Releases New IP Report, Backs Away From Prior Recommendations
Google baulks at Conroy's call to censor YouTube
Portal Game Script
Probably Bad News: News fails, because journalism isn't dying fast enough.
moth-podcast-103-jerry-mitchell.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
UP village boy suddenly acquires American accent The Times of India
Industrial Society and Its Future

Letters of Note

And that'll do for tonight. Whew! Now I can actually navigate my way down to the recent bookmarks without earning myself a nice little friction burn on the mousewheel.

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