Sunday, June 13, 2010

The linkdump that had to happen.

Goddamn it is easy to get behind with this crap.

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Big Tit Zombies 3D now has a trailer and it's fantastic
Castro at the Lincoln Memorial
Ribbon, by Maxwell
Supreme Court in Session
up to here iconic phots
Guatemala, 1983
A Sneak Peek At The 2010 Vader Project & Auction Catalog
Gut Feeling tab by Devo @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Trailer for JJ Abrams' new movie "Super 8" finds its way online
Seymour Hersh
A History of Evony Ads – The insanity continues [Updated-Again]
mental_floss Blog » Amazing 3D Projections on Buildings
Museum of London - Street Museum
Docs tell obese man to lose weight before he receives health care
Used CDs - Bringing Out The Dead - Original Soundtrack
Churchill On Islam
An animated Antarctic thesaurus of different landscape perspectives.
Wake Up tab by Arcade Fire @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
I Dont Know tab by Beastie Boys @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone
Wicked Game tab (ver 2) by Chris Isaak @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Welcome to Ulysses "Seen"!
"EyeSeeCam" Gaze-Driven Camera on Vimeo
Four Corners - 26/10/2009: Reports and Resources
History of piracy, reviewed by EFF's senior copyright lawyer
W. H. Auden, "Stop all the clocks . . ."
The Enemy in Your Pants
The Quantified Self
Funtastic_Power_-_leeroy_jenkins_fun_times_mix.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe
Tame Impala

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