Monday, June 28, 2010

Links und rechts

If anyone actually reads this before I get a chance to edit it into a presentable form, this is a whole heap of raw links and other bits of crap I saved to a text document when I was browsing on another computer.

As I found this stuff whilst browsing at a location other than command HQ, I saved it all in one spot and then emailed it to myself, so that I could go through all properly at some later time.

The wiki stuff is saved in clusters in some points; it's stuff that seemed interesting and was in some way related to the article above it. I'm trying out a different way of finding out about new things. So far it seems to be working well enough.


Now, I have Googled "Gerard Brennan" on the Internet. It turns out, Sir
Gerard, that you are either a Canadian native Eskimo with an interest in
sustainable economic development in the Arctic region of Canada, or you are
a former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia$file/CLA080922_PublicForum.PDF

Divine insight from the half-pissed oracle
Hostile Primary
Your friends? Those fleet-footed turncoats, whose words weigh little more than the wind that carries them. Fuck those guys.,_Dear_Reader

The Firth of Forth is mentioned in Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck in a rejected version of the original script of episode 1 and was the cause for a McDuck not being declared the king because of a lisp. He had to proclaim the birth of Scotland including the girth of all earth north of the Firth of Forth.,_South_Australia,_Western_Australia

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