Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Favourite: Bill Bryson.

Ladies and Gents I present Bill Bryson.

Honestly, this probably shouldn't qualify as a new favourite. I've known about this dude for a while now. However, I only just discovered this video. I'm not gonna let him get squeezed out on a technicality. Also, it should be noted that conducting appraisals of literary works isn't really something I'm particularly good at, but this seems like a cause worthy of at lest some effort.

Author and Chancellor of Durham University, Bryson is one of those possessed of a brilliant mind, whose enthusiasm and wit is nothing if not utterly captivating. I've read a fair few of his works now, and consider him to be among the most engaging and wholly entertaining authors I have encountered thus far.

His manner draws a stark contrast to the style of Diamond in Guns, Germs and Steel. Upon any reading of Mother Tongue or A Short History of Nearly Everything it is plain to see that whilst they both cover similar material, Bryson is by far more likely to keep the reader not only engaged, but entertained.

See also: that fucking beard.

See that shit? A fulsome, rich red hue, punctuated along the jawline with notes of silver. That be one distinguished-looking motherfucker.

Seriously, read his shit. A Short History is where you should start.

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